Thursday, December 15, 2011

How do people learn best?

It has always been my belief that people learn best by doing.  If you see the actual product then you can relate it to the learning that has taken place. If you participate in the actual lesson then you can also see the outcome come to fruition in before your eyes. The more I teach the more I see that gives have to hear it, see it and do it in order to learn.

The critical elements of learning theories are observation, interpreting, evaluating, interaction, analyzing, problem solving and solutions.While Driscoll discusses these elements in detail, Siemens is more interested in how, when and why learning occurs. 

There are many roles that the educator can take on. I believe that an educator has to wear many hats in order to provide a better learning experience. " Each educator is set in a role that promotes learning through various methods of understanding. The educator as a master artist permits students to work in a setting that inspires creativity and open mindedness. This allows their ideas to flow unrestricted. The educator as a network administrator enables students to build networks of communication with each other. For an educator as a concierge they guide students to find the resources needed to build on their learning experience, similar to the educator as a curator." This educator "fosters and encourages learner exploration"(Siemens, 2008). I feel as though I am a network administrator of sorts.I guide students to the information that will help them with understanding of the lessons. I am in some cases one of all of these because as an educator one must differentiate instruction to keep learning ongoing.


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