Monday, January 23, 2012


According to Merrian-Webster online, (2011) networking is defined as "the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. i am finding more and more that the way we communicate and network with each other has a significant effect on how we learn and what we learn. I network through a range of tools such as blogs, wikis, email, podcasting and social networks. I learn a lot by collaborating with others in my field through Facebook and email. Educational blogs have also taken me to a new level of understanding my students and how they learn also.

The best tool for me are wikispaces and virtual files. I use wikis for all my classes. I am currently in Orlando, FL at the FETC 2012 conference and I have done a weeks worth of work through podcasting the lessons and using my wikispace. The students (6-8 grade) were excited to hear me teach online and some of them even went home and did the lessons. I am thrilled! I have virtual files for all my students so they can upload their work to the file and I can check it at school without having to print anything. I like being able to comment on the work and they give me feedback as well. I am trying to give them the learning environment they will be using in the next few years in high school.

When I have questions the internet is my greatest source. Finding additional resources to enforce what I have learned is also a big challenge. I am finding that blogs offer the best information and good old online library research also helps.

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  1. Toni,

    Great post! It is my understanding that you use blogs as a sources of information and learning. I believe that many blogs are more of individuals' perception than factual information. It is vital that individuals provide citations in order to support their information and position on a particular issue or topic. Any thoughts?

    Thank you.

    Michele Baylor

  2. Michele, when I say I use blogs for sources of information I do mean credible ones. I research the developer of the blog and also the information posted. There are a lot of professional blogs that give great information and most are noted authors and doctors of various disciplines. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Toney,

    Wow! It's awesome reading your experience with your students. I know that is exciting. I would like to incorporate so much more technology in our courses. In your post to Michele you mention that you research the blog post to make sure the information is credible. I do this also. I have found some really good information by following post. I especially like it when people remember to list their references.

    1. Debbie, yes I do to. Putting in references make things so much simpler to find. I am teaching my students that even when they look up current events for class to just list their source so I can look it up if I am curious for more information.

  4. Toni,

    Thanks for providing me a clearer understanding about your statement on blogs.

    Michele Baylor

  5. Great post! I love to read what you are doing with your students but it's even more exciting to read how they are responding to your inclusion of technology in this way. Do you feel that their motivation is the key? Are there other factors that you feel are impacting their success? Is it a multitude of factors?

    Enjoy FETC! Have you ever attended the TCEA conference in Texas? I'll be there in Februar!