Monday, February 20, 2012

Philosophy of Learning

I have been in the educational field now for six years and my philosphy of teaching has not changed and I don't believe it will. I have always wanted to make sure that my students are equipped with everything they need to make it to the next level. Being in the technology field that means that they must have access to every digital learning tool available.  This can be a laptop, iPad, iPod, desktop or the internet. Whatever the media, students have to have that exposure in order to succeed.  Teachers who hold back on using these tool are not only handicapping themselves but are also holding back our students.  We have to continue to press forward and stay one step ahead of them in this field. Students are learning new things everyday through the digital highway and if we don't follow suit we are doing them a disservice.

I will not compromise on education. Every student, from the disabled to the high perfoming deserve our best.  The best to me is qualified teachers, digital technology, access to the internet and quality instruction time. If our students see that we waste time in the classroom then they learn to waste time.  We have to become an institution of learning again and not glorified babysitters.  We need parental involvement and administrator backing to do our jobs effectively. We have to model the very thing that we emphasize to them.  Education is their job not just something to do. Just like a job they are expected to come in on time, be prepared and meet deadlines.  Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

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