Saturday, June 11, 2011

How do people learn best?

I am of the belief that all people learn best by hands-on learning.  I think that you have to see it, hear it, feel it and do it in order to understand it.  In a perfect world it would be how we all learn best.  My opinion is mainly based on the fact that I am a kinesthetic learner so it is how I learn best. As an educator, I know that there are many learning styles and that each person learns differently.  Although, I know this I still believe that if you actually have an activity to enhance your learning0 you will learn it quicker. 

According to Rossiter (2006), answering three questions will help you understand how you learn best.
  1. "How does my brain work? (or How do I think best?)
  2. How do I process or retain information best?
  3. How do I share what I’ve learned best?"

In addition to Rossiter I embrace the theory of Howard Gardner which states that "each person has the same capacity for learning; the difference is HOW they learn. All people have a strength in one (or a combination) of the following seven intelligences:
  • Linguistic: interpreting words help them learn best
  • Logical/Mathematical: math, numerical or logical processes help them learn best
  • Movement/Kinesthetic: action or “doing something” helps them learn best
  • Musical: musical patterns and/or performances help them learn best
  • Spatial: using the patterns of open or tight spaces helps them learn best
  • Interpersonal: understanding the meaning and intent of others helps them learn best.
  • Intrapersonal: understanding one’s own feelings and motivations help them learn best."
 For more information on multiple intelligences go to the following link:
I believe that the purpose of educational technology is to enhance the learning environment and to embrace the digital age in which we live.  Learning cannot be stifled through the traditional means of education.  We must move forward and provide more rigor in classes in order for our students to compete in the global society in which they will be living on their own soon.

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